The Birth of Another Hobby

In the 1960's and 70's, my mom and dad took lots of home movies with an 8mm movie camera. Today, I can't imagine having to set up a screen and sit and watch the jerky old movies with no sound. However, some of the events captured on those old 8mm film strips needed to be saved for posterity. In the 1980's, Joe had a way to convert the films to a VHS tape.

In 1986, I purchased a video camera. I wanted to be able to record my grandchildren and other family events on film with sound. I created tape after tape after tape, some without any specific order. Dilemma? How to edit. In the 1980's the cost of video editing equipment was prohibitive on my budget.

In 2000, Rob built me a computer that could capture the VHS video onto the computer save it to a file, and/or burn a VCD (a DVD burner was not a possibility at the time.) A DVD burner was added when the price was right. The original plan was to simply edit the old VHS tapes into more organized files. The purchase of my very first Video Editing Software, Ulead Video Studio 6, opened up another world. I could edit, add transitions, stills and music. Thus a new hobby was born.

To date I have created six 30 to 40 minute DVD home movies and burned them to DVD's. Parts of the DVD movies are from my VHS tapes, parts are from the old 8mm VHS tapes and some are from stills scanned and added. It is fun, challenging, and stimulates the creative juices putting family history together.

For this page on my website, I have created short videos that can be uploaded to YouTube in order to share clips from my regular length DVD movies. The quality is not as good since they are wmv files and they are not designed to view on a large TV or computer screen.