Welcome to My Website

Through the years, I have accumulated information, videos, and pictures about our family which I wanted to organize and share with any interested parties. The dilemma was how to efficiently share all of the information without writing a book and having it published. Along came the internet, accessible for everyone with a computer. What better place to accomplish the task than a website.

Life R Way

On our 32nd anniversary, I came home from work to find a note from Bob. "It is fair to say that not too long away, as our hair is already getting gray, that we can fish and play and say to all someday, 'We did it our way'." It was signed "TGLW" (the Good Lord Willing), love Bob. I cherish the slip of paper and his words. It remains in my Bible.

From that day forward, many times we made decisions about what we were going to do. Sometimes there were questions as to how family or friends would view our decision. We would just look at each other and say, "We do it R Way."

Always a Work In Progress

All the previous content from my websites is the same. There will be more changes and additions. That's what keeps me busy!