White Christmas

The movie is a Technicolor musical starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye with co-stars Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen. The film is notable as being the first to be produced and released in VistaVision, a wide screen process which was quite an innovation at that time in history. We've come a long way to the movies of today, the theaters of today and the high definition available on very large TV sets.
It was nominated in 1955 for an Oscar in Best Music category for the original song by Irving Berlin "Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep."

Of all of the movies released in the 1950's, White Christmas ranks as my number one. In 1954 Mary Jo and I both had boyfriends, and we double dated to see this movie at the Stuart Theater. We sat way up in the highest balcony. Of course, we were 14, so we were also necking. Don't be so shocked. I was young once too.
Like the Wizard of Oz this movie has defied the hands of time.

The ending of the movie still makes me cry. I am so happy for General Waverly (Dean Jagger) when his former army unit gathers to surprise him on Christmas Eve and they sing the song "The Old Man" as they march onto the stage. I always dramatized this in my heart (imagination) as something that would happen for my dad when all of his former players would gather once again to honor him as their coach. It happened. I will add it to Dad's History.

Holiday Inn

In August of 1942 the movie Holiday Inn had its premiere at the New York Paramount Theatre. The movie stars Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire with co-stars Marjorie Reynolds and Virginia Dale. The success of the song "White Christmas" eventually led to the film based on the song. A little bit of trivia, the Holiday Inn hotels were named after the film.

It's A Wonderful Life

In 1946 the movie It's A Wonderful Life had its premiere. James Stewart and Donna Reed have the starring roles of George and Mary Bailey. Although it was nominated for five Oscars, it did not win. However in 2006, this film was recognized by the American Film Institute as the number one Most Powerful Movie of All Time.

Jim started me on the village pieces depicting Bedford Falls with replicas of the businesses, homes, people, and cars representing this movie. He helped me collect most of the pieces offered before they discontinued making them. Most notable was the Train and Train Station. I was so thrilled when Jim brought me this most prized part of my village. As a little girl, I always wanted an electric train set. This one is battery operated but it is still my model train.

I did not see either of these two movies until they were shown on TV.

A Tradition

Since the time these movies were shown on TV to the time I was able to purchase the VCR tapes, I have tried to watch them every Christmas. When the kids were little, we would watch them together. Now I own each of them on DVD and still try to set aside a time during the holiday season to enjoy them once again.