Even though Psycho was released in 1960, I am going to add it here because this ends the movies of my childhood.

Bob and I had not been married very long when we decided to go the the movie Psycho. Of all places to watch this mystery thriller, we chose to go to the outdoor theater. We had the same reaction to the shower scene as almost everyone who has ever seen Psycho. The scene and the music haunted us each time we went in to take a shower for a long period of time.

It isn't only the shower scene that haunts me to this day. It is the scene where the detective is going up the stairs and the music adds to the bone chilling suspense.

Even though it has been shown on TV and is available on DVD, I have never watched it again nor did I ever see any of the sequels.

A Bit of Trivia

One of the episodes from the TV series Murder, She Wrote titled "Incident in Lot 7" from Season 8, Episode 13, air date 1/19/92 featured the Bates House as the setting. In that show, the detective has to go up the stairs to investigate and so does Angela Lansbury's character Jessica Fletcher! The music played and I fully expected Norman Bates (or the bad guy from the episode) to come flying down the stairs.