Pontoon Boat

When Bob and I would have breakfast at Bugbees, I would sit and look at the boats for sale across the street. My eyes always strayed to the Pontoons. Finally the day came when Bob agreed we should buy a Pontoon. Parked beside our house shows how big it was. We got a hitch on the truck and Bob had to learn how to get it attached and ready to go. This was no easy task.

The level of the lake determined which boat dock we could use to launch the boat; the next problem would be whether the lake was choppy or quiet. The best times were when the lake was high enough that we could launch from the boat dock right down the road from Alma.

Our favorite choices were the Alma Boat Dock and the boat dock at Methodist Cove. When the lake was very low, we had to haul the pontoon up to the dam site, take it across the bridge and travel down to Patterson Harbor Campground. Definitely not a job Bob relished. Our second year we decided to rent a boat slip at Patterson Harbor.

There are many happy memories of having a Pontoon Boat and fishing on the lake. We did what was called "drift" fishing. Whenever the wind cooperated so that we could be on the lake and drift into the shore was the best. If we did not get a bite in one area we could easily travel to the next spot. Pictures speak louder than words; therefore, I have chosen the ones which show the best of times.

When the kids came to Alma for a visit, they enjoyed the pontoon. Jim did not fish but he sure loved to drive the boat. Cathy admitted later she was not a "sailor". Rob and Kelly brought Sean along when they visited. He rode on the boat with his extra small life jacket. Rob fished.

Our Boat Slip at Patterson Harbor

Jim Piloting the Boat