Long Pine Memories

In the 1950's Long Pine was a great vacation spot for the times. Long Pine is located in north central Nebraska near Ainsworth. A small earthen dam had been built which created the lake. It had been stocked with trout. For several years our family vacations were Long Pine, Nebraska. There were primitive cabins which used kerosene lamps for lighting and outhouses for bathrooms. I was eleven years old when we took our first trip to Long Pine.

Mom would take Joe and I down to the lake so I could swim while Dad waded Long Pine Creek catching Rainbow or Speckled Trout. It was so much fun to be able to go swimming any time of the day.

Another new experience was learning how to catch trout. A fly rod is used instead of rod and reel and a different technique from my normal experience with the old reel.

Mill Pond Lake

I loved those early times spent in Long Pine. Mom would take Joe and I down to the lake so I could swim while Dad waded the creek. One very frustrating thing about my brother, he was afraid of the water. He actually preferred sitting and playing in the sand. I could swim out to deeper water to a dead tree log and dive. Poor Mom, not being able to swim, she would worry. One year I met a friend, Marilyn, from another cabin for a swim partner.

In the evenings Mom, Dad, Joe and I would go down to the small dam and fish. We did catch trout and I learned how to clean them. A trout is easier to clean than a catfish because you don't have to skin it. When cooked, trout tastes delicious. At the time I was a member of Camp Fire and could earn a bead for baiting a hook, casting out, catching a fish, and cleaning it. Each year I was sad to leave except the year I was a teenager. I had left a boyfriend behind. The trauma of the adolescent!