Linoma Beach

Linoma Beach derived its name because it is located about half way between Lincoln and Omaha along the Platt River. It was developed in 1926 for a sand and gravel quarry creating a very deep lake. When the quarry was depleted, it was stocked with fish.

Note: Linoma is listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of the iconic lighthouse erected in 1939.

With a place to fish and swim plus enjoy picnics, our family made at least one trip per summer to spend the day at Linoma. For the first few summer visits, the fishing in the Platt River was good. The curent ran right along the bank and we would take home some good catfish. After numberous floods of the Platte River, the current was changed and Linoma Beach ws no longer a choice for our family picnics. One trip I talked my dad into renting a row boat. He could fish and I could row the boat. Fishing was not food, but Dad did indulge me.

Swimming at Linoma was my first choice. Fishing was not yet a passion for me. The swimming area located in the lake was marked off with buoys. They has put a dock out in the deep eater with a diving board and a slide My dream come true. I had always wanted to go down a slide into the water. The slides now days make the one at Linoma pale.