Olzon Line

Jim Robertus has created the Olzon Family website at the link www.olzonfamily.com. It begins with Alfred and Anna (Nelson) Olzon and follows through with their children and grandchildren. The Olzon line follows Alfred back as far as I have been able to obtain information to date.


It is to be noted that Christina was the mistress of Johan. The name of Johan's legal wife is unknown to me. Johan Fredrick Ollson (spelling later changed to Olzon) was born September 21. 1816, at Skovde Parish Sweden and died May 23, 1872, at Mariestad Sweden.
Christina Elizabeth Svensdotter was born November 15, 1822, in Bergan Parish Sweden and died May 23, 1905, in Helvey, Nebraska. Christina left her parents in her early teens and moved to Maristad Sweden and became the housekeeper in the home of Johan Frederick. She was buried in the Powell Cemetery with no headstone. At a gathering of the Olzon cousins in 1982, it was decided that a headstone should be provided. Donations were taken, the headstone was purchased and placed on the grave.

One son was born to Johan and his legal wife, Wilhelm Olzon He was born February 5, 1844, at Mariestad Sweden. Date of death unknown. For reasons unknown, Wilhelm changed his name from Olzon to Danelius.

Two children were born to Johan and Christina.

Little is known of Fredrick's and Alfred's early years. It has been assumed they attended primary school in Mariestad and later attended school in Stockholm where they both studied painting and sketching. I understand there were sketchbooks and paintings attesting to their artistic talent. The snake game we played when I was a child was a game devised and drawn by Alfred. In my grandmother's autograph book is a note with a lovely sketch and signed by Fred.

Alfred married Anna Nelson. More information contained in the Olzon Family Website


Fredrick married Ingrid Lisa (Lizzie) Nelson. Lizzie was the sister of Anna (Nelson) Olzon. Fred and Lizzie had four children.

Lizzie died in 1897, a short time after the birth of Little Fred. Lizzie's sister Anna raised Little Fred for several years. It is not known the reason but Mae Sickert reports, "I'm afraid there were some hard feelings when Edna took little Fred away and left to live with her older sister Olive and her husband John Modin in Texas."

Fred married Eleanor Gibson. One child was born to Fred and Eleanor in 1936, Theda Lou (Olzon) Hasty. Fred and Eleanor were divorced. Eleanor remarried and the new husband adopted Thada. His last name was Nielson. Later Fred met Bernice (last name unknown) who agreed to marry him if he gave up the alcohol. They married and had ten years together; no children.


The following information connects the OLZON, NELSON, MODIN line.

Nils Peter Brun Modin was born 5/3/1835 in Moheda Parish Sweden; died 3/22/1921 in Bryon, California. Nils married Catharina Jonasdotter born 9/2/1835, in Moheda Parish Sweden and died 7/19/1881 in Jefferson County, Nebraska. Nils and Catharina had three children.

Edna Olzon and William Axel Modin had four children:

  • Mildred (Modin) Brady
  • Mae (Modin) Sickert
  • Katherine (Modin) Freeman
  • Raymond

    Mae spent countless hours researching the Olzon and Nelson lineage including contacts in Sweden and a trip to Sweden. She sent many letters to my mother containing the information about the Fred Olzon lineage.

    One of her contacts in Sweden was Bror AKE Modin who was born in Stockholm. He provided the following information. The name Brun translated is Brown. As I studied the family tree chart provided by Mae Sickert, one name was confusing. The name "Brun" would have "Modin" added. Modin in Swedish is a derivative of Moheda, the place of birth listed for a majority of the children. Perhaps they added the name Modin when they immigrated to America.

    Under the patronymic system in general use in Sweden until the late 19th century, sons in a family derived their surname by adding "son" to their father's name. Daughters added "dotter" to their father's given name. The name "Olzon" is a derivative of the patronymic Olofsson.