My Dad's Brothers and Sister

I grew up at a time when the Weyand clan had many get togethers especially at Christmas. Cousin Larry Kimmel expressed it best in a card sent to my mom and dad many years after we had all lost contact.

"Christmas memories of the endless tribe and ceaseless din (and continual eating) are within a moment's calling. Even the smells of it are all still with me."

I will have to say "Amen" to that.

Uncle Foster and Uncle Maynard both served in the military Uncle Maynard was my favorite of the Weyand uncles. During World War II when he was on leave, he would gather us kids around him and teach us some of the popular songs of that era like "Bell Bottom Trousers" or "Buffalo Gals". Foster was ever the military man serving in World War I and World War II; Jess was definitely more reserved (although I understand it was different when he was a boy) and Howard was a great guy and very kind hearted. Aunt Vera was my cousin Kathi's mom. Kathi and I were best friends for awhile, and we took turns having sleep overs at each other's house.