Bob's Mother's Brother and Sister

Henry Harris is the only son of Jacob and Catherine Harris. He married Hada (last name unknown).They had one daughter, Barbara.
Barbara married a man named Tom, last name unknown, and they had one child, Cindy. In her early twenties, Barbara developed breast cancer and died.

Bertha Harris. Bob remembers Bertha vividly. She always called him her "Galina Beibsha" - not sure of the spelling as this is a German term for golden-haired baby. There was an outbreak of Tuberculosis. As the story was told to me, Bertha still insisted on going to visit her best friend who had come down with this disease. Barbara then succumbed to Tuberculosis and died at the age of 27. When she died, a Wake was held in the living room of the Harris home. The family had to sit with the casket for what seemed an eternity to Bob.