My Paternal Grandparents

Norman and Fredricka (Reichwein) Weyand | Norman Bailey was born March 9, 1878, in Pennsylvania (city unknown). Fredricka Reichwein was born February 3, 1877 in Rising City, Nebraska. Norman and Fredricka were married September 3, 1899.

Norman died on July 28, 1960, and Fredricka died on August 18, 1963. Both Fredricka and Norman are buried at Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska

Norman worked for Case Company and was gone from home a lot of the time. He was a quiet man. In later years, he loved tending his rose garden. He was also noted for tinkering and inventing things.

Fredricka was the home maker and raised five very rowdy sons and one daughter. She was skilled at hand work and made the wedding dress she is wearing in the picture.

My Maternal Grandparents

George Frank and Alma (Olson) Holtgrewe | George was born September 11, 1892, in Cosco, Missouri. Alma Olson was born September 2, 1893, in Helvey, Nebraska. They were married on July 1, 1912, in Fairbury, Nebraska.

Alma died on June 13, 1964 and George died on March 11, 1966. Both George and Alma are buried at the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska

The majority of his life, George owned or worked in a grocery store. During my mother's youth, he owned the grocery store in Daykin, Nebraska. Alma helped out in the store and raised their four sons and one daughter. She loved to crochet and write poetry

Grandma baked the greatest homemade dinner rolls I ever ate; especially delicious with her homemade strawberry jam or apple butter jam. When I was a little girl, I always wanted Grandma to make me one of her home-made angel food cakes. They were delicious.