Introducing My Weyand Branch First Cousins

To familiarize yourself with the relationships of my cousins, click on this link to a PDF file of the Weyand Cousins Family Tree.

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I grew up at a time when the Weyand clan had many get-togethers especially at Christmas.

Cousin Larry Kimmel expressed it best in a Christmas card he sent to my mom and dad many years after we had lost contact. He wrote, "Christmas memories of the endless tribe and ceaseless din (and continual eating)are within a moment's calling. Even the smells of it are still with me."

I will have to say "Amen" to that.

Thoughts of the Cousins

Cousin Shirley and Pat were quite a bit older. They would baby sit for me when I was little. Likewise, Cousin Larry and Peg were older and didn't mingle with us younger kids.

Genevieve did not live close by. The majority of the time they did attend the Christmas gathering. With my website project, we did connect through email correspondence. Genevieve answers to Jill now days. She has been the cousin most interested in the family tree.

Rosemary was more my brother's age. Maynard, Louella and Rosemary rarely visited. I do have one picture taken when they must have come for Christmas. Mom, Dad, and Joe did visit Uncle Maynard in Chicago.

Cousin Kathi, Ed, and I went to the same school for a few years. We were each in a separate grade being about one year apart in age. For many years Kathi and I were best friends. Tony lived just far enough away that she went to a different school but often joined us in the summer.


Tony's given name was Betty Ruth; however, being on the chubby size as a child, she got the nickname two-ton Tony. The Tony part stuck. Cousin Larry also had a nickname, Nosey. As I understand it, cousin Ed had so much blond hair as a baby, he was nicknamed Swede. Most of the pictures in my baby book list him as "Swede". I got the distinction of being called "two fanged wanny". I think it had something to do with my having only two front teeth for quite awhile as a baby.

One more comment I just have to add. Every year when my brother Joe posts his pictures of their Family Christmas, it reminds me so much of the "endless tribe and ceaseless din" of the Weyand Christmas's in the 1940's. If only we would have had the advantages of pictures and videos as they do now days. Of course, our Christmases were interrupted by World War II.

More pictures of the Weyand Cousins can be found at the PICTURES link.

prepared 7/2013