Son Robert Joe

Robert (Robbie) Joe was born April 12, 1961, at Bryan Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska

Married Corinne Harris - Divorced

Partner Camille Sweedland - Deceased

Married Kelly J. McMorris October 23, 1999. Divorced. Remarried on March 10, 2009.

Bob and I had decided we would name our first child after Bob if he were a boy. However we didn't want two Bob's in the same household. While watching an episode of "My Three Sons," an early 1960's sitcom, our decision was made. One of the characters was named Robbie. We would name our baby Robert and call him Robbie. We chose Joe as his middle name after my brother.

My Favorite Robbie Story

For as long as I can remember, Robbie loved to take things apart. This particular episode happened when Robbie was staying with my mom and dad at Camp Harriet Harding where Mom and Dad were caretakers after Dad retired from teaching. My dad had a three-wheeler he used to get around the camp. Robbie loved to drive that three-wheeler. One day he decided it needed a new exhaust pipe. He discovered that the pipe from Mom's vacuum cleaner would work just great. Eventually Mom needed the vacuum cleaner and Rob's confiscation was discovered.

As a post script to all of my experiences with Rob's curious need to see how things worked, I have to say it paid off. Once he discovered the world of computers, nothing would stop him from finding out how they worked. He assembled every computer I ever owned until I moved to Lincoln in 2013. The size of my apartment necessitated a change to a lap top.