Son James

James (Jimmy) Lyle was born April 4, 1969, at Bryan Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska

He married Catherine (Cathy) Ashton on November 15, 1997

Cathy was born November 3, 1968.

We chose Lyle for Jimmy's middle name after my Dad, Lyle Weyand. Jim had two nicknames. Cindy called him Jamie and his cousin Lydel nicknamed him Chippers. I understood his confusion when he attended a child's birthday party at a local TV station. When he was asked his name, he told them he was, "James Jimmy Jamie Chippers Lyle Robertus."

My Favorite Jimmy Story

My mom and dad were babysitting Jimmy and decided to take a ride to Pioneers Park to see the animals. Jimmy was in the back in his car seat. As they headed up to where the animals were, they passed the park area with the swings and slides. As his grandpa just kept on going rather than stopping to play, Jimmy was heard to mutter, "Oh Dit". Luckily, he couldn't say his "sh" sound.

Jim has a great sense of humor. He can have us all in stitches whenever he goes into one of his comic routines.

He has artistic talent which he puts to good use as the owner of his own website design business. From the first time I decided I wanted my own website, he has mentored me all the way. He is my webmaster. It began with the My Trixie website and Jim designed a heading. After Trixie died, it was my choice to change the name of my website to the current, Liferway. Jim again created the design and I provide the content.