Our Grandchildren

I have chosen to use special pictures of our grandchildren when they were young. They are favorites. It is impossible to keep an up-to-date picture of each grandchild on this webpage as the years go by.

Cindy's Children

Mike and Zack are the sons of Cindy and her first husband Michael Connerley.

Tom and Josie are the son and daughter of Cindy and Bob Laws

Rob's Children

Nels and Melissa are the son and daughter of Robert Joe and Corrine (Harris) Robertus. After their divorce, Corky married Tim Nash who adopted Nels and Melissa with Rob's blessings.

Melissa married Deets Finley, Jr., on March 8, 2008 - Divorced. Melissa reclaimed the name Nash after the divorce.

Robbie is the son of Robert and partner Camille Sweedland (deceased)

Sean is the son of Kelly (McMorris) Robertus by her first partner.

Brandon is the son of Robert and Kelly (McMorris) Robertus