Daughter Cindy Ann

Cindy Ann was born May 1, 1957, at Providence Hospital, Lincoln, Nebraska

Married Robert (Bob) Laws - May 24, 1986

Cindy is my daughter by a previous marriage. Although Don Droud is considered her biological father, Bob was her Dad since she was three years old.

My Favorite Cindy Story

The Gold Seals. She was only about four years old when I brought home some gold seals that could be stuck on paper. Thinking this would be a fun activity for Cindy's quiet-time play, I mistakenly put them where she could get them. Cindy had other plans for those seals. She decided she could help me decorate our home and proceeded to paste the seals everywhere including the toilet seat.

Her need to decorate a house showed the sign of things to come. Cindy is excellent at home decorating. She did not inherit this talent from her mother.