Information About Us

I was born on July 8, 1940. Robert Jack (Bob) Robertus was born September 9, 1935.

Both of us were raised in Lincoln, Nebraska

Bob attended Park School, Everett Junior High and Lincoln High School where he graduated in 1953.

I attended Clinton Elementary, Hawthorn Elementary, Randolph Elementary, Irving Junior High, Whittier Junior High and Lincoln High School. I completed my high school education at the Lincoln Public School Adult Program and graduated in May of 1958. Later, at the age of 40, I completed my Associate Degree/Administrative Secretary at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I married Don Droud on October 12, 1956. We were divorced in September of 1959.

On October 12, 1959, my friend Mary Jo talked me into going out with her on a blind date which turned out to be the love of my life. A cute red head with a beautiful 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser.

We were married in Hamburg, Iowa, on September 6, 1960. Marv and Mary Jo accompanied us to Iowa and stood up with us as Best Man and Maid of Honor. Our wedding dinner was at a steak house in Lincoln and our honeymoon was an overnight stay in Grand Island returning to York, Nebraska, the next night and then home to begin our journey as husband and wife.

Our first home was at 4141 D Street which we rented from my mom and dad. In August of 1961, we were able to buy our first home at 3816 South 18th street. Seven years later in January of 1969, we moved to our brand new home at 1642 West Rose. Always longing to live in a small town, we accomplished that dream in July of 1980 when we bought and moved to our home at 415 Cedar, in Pleasant Dale, Nebraska.

Completing our dreams for our retirement home, in January of 1999, we bought and moved to our home at 18 Carlyle, Alma, Nebraska.

On August 21, 2013, Bob died peacefully in our home in Alma. Bob referred to Alma as God's Country.