Guinea Pigs

Small animals are also part of the Family Zoo. When Cindy and Rob were young, I purchased a guinea pig from the Lincoln Zoo on 17th and A streets for 50 cents. Cindy named her Daisy: Bob called her Dizzy. The neighbor children Paula, Carla and Leanne also got guinea pigs. They loved to sit out in the front yard and play with them.

Daisy was around for quite awhile until she developed a digestive problem. One day when Cindy was at school, Bob and I took her to the Vet. The news was not good. Daisy was euthanized and woke in Pet Heaven.

You can never replace a beloved pet. However, on the next trip to the Zoo, Robbie and Cindy each got a guinea pig. They were male and female. Soon there were baby guinea pigs. The babies could be taken to the zoo for others to buy. When we moved to our new home on West Rose the guinea pigs did not move with us.


Yes I did let Robbie have a hamster complete with the cage and all of the hamster tunnels and toys. He had strict instructions not to put his hamster together with his friend's hamster. Rob didn't listen and pretty soon there were baby hamsters. Worse yet, they got out of the cage and were all over the house just like mice. That was the end of hamsters in our family.


In 2006 when Robbie II came to live with us for awhile, his pet black and white rabbit came with him. He was quite the rabbit. Periodically Robbie II would take him outside to run around in the grass. He was so much fun to watch. Every once in awhile he would give a little hop straight up.

Every time I came down the basement steps, he was up to his cage with his little paws crossed on the wire waiting for the early morning treat. He knew in the evening when it was time to be fed. He would let me know with excited travels back and forth across the cage. If his water bottle happened to get empty and we didn't notice, Thumper let us know by somehow making it bang against the cage.

Did I get attached to Thumper? Yes. Did I miss him? Yes. Thumper became ill and I decided to take him to the Vet in Alma. They prescribed an antibiotic. It was really hard towards the end when I would cradle him in my arms on his back and calm him by rubbing his nose or his tummy so I could administer the antibiotic. I was pretty sure it wasn't going to help but we had to try.